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Go-Pro Travel Video Shot in Venezuela

Backpacking Venezuela!
We trekked Mount Roraima.
Chilled on the Margarita Islands
Flew through the Andes on para glides outside of Merida
Ran for our lives in Caracas
Sat through a lightning storm on Lago De Maracaibo
Swam in the ocean

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The Road to Mt. Roraima 

We took a freezing cold bus for 12 hours to Saint Elena. South Americans LOVE air conditioning. The temperature was ~7°C for 12 straight hours.. National guards stopped the vehicle to check passports and IDs. A combination of fear and freezing cold temperatures had me shivering uncontrollably. We sat at the back of the bus so anticipation made the shivering worse as one of the Venezuelan guards slowly made his way to the back of the bus. He eventually got to us and first took Vincent's passport then asked a slew of typical police harassment questions. I think they were thrown off by my Asian friend who spoke Spanish and held a Canadian passport. I held my shakiness down best I could while the gaurd was near. He took my passport, he scanned it quick, asked if I was with Vincent and moved on. I felt a wave of relief when he moved on without searching us or looking for a bribe.
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Roraima and the Andes Mountains

Today is December 25. This morning we woke up to eat glorious arepas and the juiciest pineapples of life! The scenery is just as amazing as the night before. At 8am we begin the last leg of the trek up Roraima. The last 4 hours of trekking is my favorite because I prefer the vertical climb over long hikes on flat planes. The vertical climb up the steep mountain allows me to take explosive steps upward which create an extreme burn in my quads and ass. It's leg day err day and this is my attempt at maintaining dense muscle in my lower torso. The climb was very scenic; from climbing vertical walls of brown clay, rolling over large black boulders and even walking through a waterfall! I set a decent pace and we made it to the tabletop 30 mins ahead of schedule. 
The summit looks heavenly. I have never in real life seen a place that looks like this. This place looks like the home of the first dinosaurs.

The weather here is unpredictable. Because of the magical properties of this mountain, cloud and mist are moved effortlessly and quickly so rain comes and goes just like that. *note, I know that water evaporates, hot air rises, water condenses...etc. but it's fun to call it magic sometimes.
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Paraglide Outside of Merida

My whole being is caught up in the exhilaration of adventure and freedom, of living in the wind. Because why not? What's the point of making a living and not living?

Escape is Possible

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