Athletic Fitness Tracker v.03

Athletic Fitness Tracker v.03


Nyo's Personal Athletic Tracker 

Want to look bigger, leaner and become stronger?

This is for you.

This is my customized athletic tracker. This is one of the greatest tools that I use to grow bigger while staying lean. I also build strength at the same time.

This is meant to build athletes. This is meant to build the superhuman physique!


Fit-tips //

1. Know your body type

Skinny - Hard Gainer

  • Develop better eating habits. Make eating habitual, eat when you feel hungry. Eat clean. Don't skip meals. Plan meals to meet your daily minimum caloric intake and minimum protein requirements.

Over Weight - Hard Loser

  • Develop healthier eating habits. Eat clean. Know your BMR and set a maximum daily caloric limit. High intensity cardiovascular activity is great for burning fat. Don't skip cardio.

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