Marc-Che & Taylor: Kingston Ontario

This was easily the most interesting wedding that I shot. You can definitely tell by the pictures haha. Everyone's expression of life was unique in the most extraordinary way. The wedding party were all completely themselves. Their natural essence was vibrant and they each brought a unique energy to the day. Everyone was silly, playful, expressive... it really felt like watching a bunch of movie characters interact with one another. The collective vibe of the wedding party had a strong eminence that could be felt from a distance. Nothing but positive energy. 

The emotions experienced at this wedding were like nothing I've ever felt before. This wedding was history in the making which might have made the roller-coaster of emotions felt much more powerful. It was such a beautiful thing seeing two families come together to witness the union of lovers who both wear the pants in the relationship, literally. I wish nothing but the best for the brave souls of Marc & Taylor.