Welcome to You The Best Photography! We are happy to know that you want to join our family of content creators. We are currently looking for a social media manager, 1st photographer and videographer.

Our vision & mission for You The Best Organization is to create an innovative and creative community that exceeds client’s expectations, advances the organizations growth, and inspires creativity. We are Toronto's Premier Wedding and Special Event Photographer, built on a foundation of continual & never ending improvement. We are recognized by the top wedding luxury magazines, and the largest, most trusted wedding network in Canada as well as world-class organizations started here in Canada. We consistently push the limits of our capabilities and those of our team members. 

Every next project is our next best project because we are proud but never satisfied. We continually strive for the best.

These are the five core values we look for when partnering with local and talented professionals:

  • Strive for continual improvement

  • Be ethical and professional

  • Be cool and talented

  • Love what you do, express creativity

  • Proactive and self motivated

Professional Requirements:

  • Minimum of three years of professional photography or cinematography experience is required.

  • An online portfolio showcasing skills in composition, lighting and creativity are required in order for your application to be considered. Lifestyle and wedding portfolios are preferred over studio or street photography. Your professional portfolio should match our photography style.

  • A fluid conversational level of English is required.

  • As a professional photographer, you are free to take on assignments from other companies. We believe in growing together rather than competing in crowded spaces.

  • You The Best Photography is not a posed photo-shoot service. We are known for our clean, modern, photo-journalistic style of photography. We are documentary photographers for the most part.

How to Apply:

  • Email: nyo@youthebest.ca