The sky was clear, sun shining bright, and the wind blowing lightly all day. This was a wedding day made in heaven. They say something always goes wrong on the big day, but not today. The universe was on our side on the blessed day of September 5, 2016. 

Hazem met Basem when she walked into his practice. The two kept it strictly professional for about year. Luckily, they had plenty mutual friends which gave them many excuses to get together often. On the fated night of her Hazem's summer birthday in 2015, the whole crew wrote down their thoughts on flying wish papers. Hazem and Basem secretly wrote each others names on their papers. That December just before Christmas, Basem confessed his feelings to Hazem..and she did as well.

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but a light cloud gave way to the sun seconds before Hazem and Basem kissed. The temperature rose ever so slightly and Graydon Hall fell silent as the wedding officiant spoke his last words, "you may now kiss.``

Such a warming and heartfelt day. I wish nothing but the best for this beautiful couple for the spirit they brought to this special day. Basem and Hazem`s family who visited from as far as 10,000 KM away could not have chosen to be a part of something more special than this day.