Frequently Asked Questions - Wedding Photographer

Do we get a mixture of black and white, and colour images?

Yes! To get right to the point. We personally edit the every image leaving you with all the beautiful journalistic style story. The we make a professional judgement whether they will look best in either colour or black and white. It’s an intuition when an image should be black and white, you just know. Every image is taken in the highest resolution (4K) in colour. We  could always go back and make a favourite image black and white if you chose.


How would you describe your style of photography?

We are known for a our clean, modern and photojournalistic style of photography. We are story tellers that shoot your wedding similar to a documentary. That means we will give you direction to make the shot looks best. Once you’re confident, just act normal and we will get the appropriate pictures. Most of the images are candid and genuine. Approximately 10 - 20% of the images maybe be posed or staged.


What differentiates you and your style from other wedding photographers?

We are ambitious. Our mentors are the old folks and we know their secrets. What sets us apart is that we’re plugged in socially. Which is important because it allows us to keep up with the ever changing world to deliver the best possible product and services to our clients, when they need it. We take our mentors skills and give it a creative modern spin. Our work is Modern, Clean, Bright and Photo-journalistic. We also crack jokes.


Can we still have some family groups and some beautiful portraits?

Yes! We will arrange your family and friends for group photos. We will get everyone important to you in big and small group shots. Start thinking about when you want group shots to be captured. We recommend after the reception or before cocktail hour. Family and friends will be antsy to leave or ready for cocktails. That’s great because ideally we want to allot 30 - 45 minutes and no more. We may shoot about 10 groups in a 30 minute time slot, depending on the family size.


What do I actually get?

You will receive a copy of all of the images in high resolution color and black and white images. These images will be uploaded to a private online gallery for viewing by yourself and your friends. You will also receive a cool little usb drive with the high resolution color and black and white images. Our loaded packages offer cinematography including aerial coverage, handmade photo albums, photo booth, canvas prints, same day video edits and thank you cards.


How much does photography cost?

Basic photography starts at $1800. Our loaded packages are customizable and range from $2750 - $6900. Our $4900 package is the best-selling package. Contact us to quote you for special event coverage.


Do you provide prints?

Yes! Prints are available for purchase directly through your online gallery. Prints of various sizes are offered and delivered directly to your home.


What’s your dress code for our wedding?

All of our photographers and videographers wear black. We blend in with the environment and capture all of your beautiful moments without interfering with any of your guests. One time we did wear all white..but it was an all white wedding.


Can we buy an album from you?

Yes. Ask about our photo book selections!


What if you haven’t photographed at our venue before?

You are paying for your photographer's artistic eye and experience behind a camera. We make every beautiful location even more beautiful using our artistic eye and professional equipment.  


What gear do you use?

We shoot on the best camera’s Nikon and Canon have to offer. We have a full kit of lenses that create stellar portraits and wide angle images.


Do you travel abroad?

Yes! Contact us now to hear how you may hire a destination wedding photographer for less than a local photographer.


Can we meet you before the wedding?

Yes. We will get acquainted over a coffee or tea in studio at our main location in the heart of downtown Toronto. If you are prepared, we may even take a portrait of you and your spouse at your home.


Does photo-journalistic (documentary style) mean we won’t have any family groups or beautiful portraits of the two of us? What about the special details?

Most of the images are candid and genuine however, we will give you direction to make the shot looks best.. Approximately 10 - 20% of the images maybe be posed or staged. Also, we have time allotted to shoot all the important details, group shots after the reception, and couple photos near sunset.


What happens after the wedding?

We are now hard at work preparing the digital negatives for delivery to you. We take 4 - 6 weeks to process all images.


How do we book?

Click here to contact us. We will get back to you sometime between 48 seconds - 24 hours.


How big is the photobooth?

The photo booth operates in a 10' x 10' area. Make sure you ask your venue to have a section of the hall free for photo booth set up.