Why You MUST Have a Wedding Planner

There are far more pros to working with a wedding planner than there are cons. In fact, I don’t think there are any cons, a wedding planner will make your job easier unless of course you want to execute every detail of your vision because you are very organised, always meet deadlines, have a keen eye for detail, and own a pet unicorn.

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But I can’t afford a wedding planner

A wedding planner is a professional who works in the same industry as other wedding vendors. In the grander scheme of things, a wedding planner might save you money. They have a feel of vendor prices being exorbitantly high or too good to be true. They may also likely have partnerships with vendors they have worked with before. The word around town is; a wedding planner’s recommendation may be more trust worthy than some quick Google research for 2 reasons

1.       Partnerships between wedding planners and other vendors work because they have seen each other’s work at least once or twice. There is a level of trust harboured between the two to keep that relationship growing. I know everyone should be amazing at their job, regardless of who they work for..but let’s face it - We don’t quite live in a perfect world and things will absolutely go wrong at your wedding (more on this topic later). A vendor recommended by a wedding planner will work hard to impress both you and the wedding planner.

2.       It’s their job to get everything right, or at least handle the tasks you may not want to handle.

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But I can’t trust someone else with my vision

There are a few different types of wedding planners. Wedding planners may range from full service, month of, day of, and event design / styling. You may choose the one based on your needs, budget, personal skill set or ability to handle stress. Wedding planning requires a lot of patience and involves a lot of detail. Wedding planning itself is a full time job, so unless you can meet with and talk to vendors during the day, I recommend finding some help.

But we will JUST have a few close family members joining us in the Tropics

If you are unfamiliar with the city of your wedding, I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. Did I mention earlier that wedding planning is stressful? Just consider handling the logistics alone in a foreign land when you can barely go anywhere outside of your comfort zone without Google maps.

On the day of your wedding, everyone will want your attention. The venue coordinator will be in your face, the photographer will keep asking you to tilt your head a certain way, the DJ will be asking you to remind him of your favourite song. Your wedding planner will be in charge of handling the “hard, non fun” part of your wedding. You may still be in charge of executing the little details, the fun parts! They will have a better grasp of the little details you didn’t know you had to know such as how to read a hotel's banquet order form or getting an accurate quote for a 3 – tier cake the first time 'round.

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Finally, I don’t mean to burst your bubble but the mass coordination of family and 10 – 15+ wedding vendors means stuff will go wrong. A strong wedding planner will handle the mishaps, leaving you space to enjoy a romantic wedding experience.

Some of our preferred Vendors

Alisha Chadee at eventsbywhim.ca

Suzzette at exquisiteoccasions.ca

Poonam at pseventful.com

Makeup at Toronto Beauty Group

Emily at bronzedbybloom.com

Sonia at Evolve Hair Studio

Rahul at Rhythm Force Productions

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