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Weddings in Thailand

How great would it be to experience a sunny vacation with your travel companion?

Imagine booking a full day snorkel trip to a few of the surrounding islands in Phi Phi Ley, Thailand.

Make sure you visit Koh Phi Phi island, you'll literally find hundreds of tour companies offering the same trip.

Don't book with the first company!

Shop around and find the best price. Most vendors are willing to lower their price especially if you know the "going" rate. Also, don't worry about booking in advance or online, simply hit the street vendors and shop around for the most legit. You will have plenty of options and won't be restricted to a predetermined path. Every island is a marvel and you might not have time to see all of them so don't plan too much.

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If there is a path, you are not on an adventure.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Get into your bikinis, pack a bag, and head to the beach to board the Thai longboat for a whole day of snorkling adventures! Your longboat will be full of tourist from allover the world.

Destination Wedding Photographer

I hope your first stop might be Bamboo Island. This island is practically deserted with only a few boats of tourists passing by. It's bliss! Imagine spending about an hour there, eating a light lunch and soaking up some sun. Explore the island with your traveling companion and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of chrystal clear water and white powdery sand beaches.

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Oh NO! After a slow walk back to the longboat you realize the tour guide is struggling to start the engine! Solution? Fit 3 longboats worth of people onto two.

Let's just say it might make an interesting, and to be quite frank, soaking wet trip over to the next island! Hide behind whatever objects you can find - life vests, bags, friends... do whatever it takes to keep the cold water from spraying you down and having the wind chill you!

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You should visit Pi Ley Bay. The water is so clear and shallow that all you have to do is hop off the boat be surrounded by beautiful reef full of tropical fish. 

Make a short stop at Loh Samah and pass the 2 small rocky outcrop islands named Bida Nok and Bida Noi. Jump in to the water and explore life unda da sea! Swim with all kinds of fish, including the beautiful angel fish.

After a short ride, join the other tourist-filled longboats. "Jump In!," yells the tour guide. The boat is stopped about 100m out from a narrow opening in a cliff where you have to swim to get to the beach. Climb the net at the cliff opening and use that to climb to the staircase to walk to the actual beach.

It's hard to describe, but it feels like you're on a mission to discover the hidden treasure.

After a bit of a walk, you finally arrive... and it was worth it

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Despite all the tourism film has brought to Maya Bay, it is absolutely a stunning beach - baby powder sand and chrsytal clear waters. You the Best Bonus, the bay opens to the Andaman Sea in a glorious vista.

If you're a huge sucker for sunsets then you'll enjoy watching it cross the open ocean casting shaded figures of longboats across the water.

Your trip will be filled with amazing adventures.

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There are different types of boats on different tours. SO if the low to the water rickety old low Thai longboats that are likely to breakdown aren't your style, find a bigger luxury boat that will be sure to tickle your fancy.

and remember

Don't drink and dive!

Destination Wedding Photographer

All wedding photography images courtesy of Fearless Photographer liam Collard

PS. It costs $5.55 CDN to rent a scooter for a day. So much cheaper than $11.10 to take a taxi for 15 mins. 

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