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South America is a very big continent, but because of the diversity of the regions, exploring the Caribbean coast will be a vastly different experience than hiking through the Andes. Before setting out on a destination wedding or vacation of the continent you’ll want to do some research. Every city has a unique cultural fabric. Find the cities for you before you set off onto a South American adventure.

Whether your hearts calling for a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru, or exploring the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, plan an itinerary around the things that you really want to do. Next, focus on how best to make it happen!

Columbia, South America

Columbia, South America

This is our beginner’s guide to traveling through South America to the fullest!


Finding Your Way in South America

Getting around South America is generally easy, as cheap flights are common across the continent, and major cities are usually connected with regular services to all of the other capitals.

Most people will travel by bus once they are in South America, because it is convenient and generally really inexpensive! Depending on where you’re traveling, there are typically cheaper buses and premium buses, so you can pick according to your itinerary and budget. If time is on your side, hire a cool mule driver.

Trains are relatively rare in South America as they are mostly scenic routes or freight routes. If you are exploring Venezuela, taxi will be your best option. You can even hire a personal taxi driver, inexpensively. If you are exploring Patagonia or along the Amazon region, you will find ferries are a common mode of transportation.

Overcoming the Language Barrier

There is a huge range of indigenous languages all over South America, but unless you are intending to do voluntary work with an indigenous population, most people will be able to get by with a basic knowledge of Spanish (and Portuguese if you are visiting Brazil).

If you can, it is well worth taking a class, or listening to spanish lessons audio to pick up the basics before your trip!

However, if you prefer to use Google Translate or phrasebook, you will be able to understand a fair amount of local language, and be able to handle yourself in case of an emergency.

Accommodations in South America

Most parts of South America will have a similar range of accommodations to those in North America and Europe. From hostels offering budget options, to basic or 5 star hotels, you can find one that fits your budget!

You the Best Bonus - I highly recommend looking into a homestay or renting from a local on AirBnB. You’ll have a much more immersive experience!

Wi-fi connections may not be as common in many places as it is in more developed areas, but the overall prices of accommodations are likely to be a bit lower in this case.

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