Wedding Photography Too Expensive


Money is a touchy subject. Wedding budgets are as unique as the couple getting married. The sky is truly the limit on what some people pay for their wedding photography.

For most people, choosing a photographer largely comes down to what they can afford. The perception (like when buying most things) is that something that costs more must be better. As many of us know, this isn’t always the case.

Only you can know what you have the budget for in your photographs, but what should be more important than trying to find someone at the top of your budget, is finding someone with exceptional value. This is the true definition of whether you consider someone expensive or cheap.

This means looking beyond the dollar and cent amount and focusing more on what your investment is going to get you in the long run.

When dividing up the wedding budget, many people devote only a small segment to their wedding photography and instead allot to other items. We know that (as photographers) we’re biased, but we truly think photography deserves more emphasis when budgeting for weddings.

Know the difference between a photographer who charges a lot and is worth it VS someone who charges a lot and isn’t worth it. This is where a dollar value really should become secondary to choosing someone whose style you love and whose experience you trust.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Is the photographer I’m interested in actually worth what they’re charging? Or are they a little over/underpriced compared to what others are offering?

2. If I didn’t know the amount this photographer charged, would I still think they were worth hiring when I discovered their rates?

3. Have I allotted the right amount of my wedding budget to
photography? Should I increase it for the right photographer? Or lower it if I’m shopping above my ability?

You The Best Photography’s approach:

We think that for all we offer, we charge a very reasonable rate (and, to be very honest, in most cases under charge compared to what we could be asking). We do a lot of regular competitive research to analyze where we line-up against some similar photographers and we honestly believe that the value we add to a wedding is worth every penny. We are thankful to have never had a wedding experience go awry and just about every wedding client tells us that we were their wedding investment that has paid off the most. This is an incredible honour to us and we believe that our couples feel this way largely because we charge them a very fair price for all we deliver.

In this instance, we believe that our value is what sets us apart. Whether we’re on the top-end or bottom-end of someone’s photography budget, we’ve been fortunate to have always been given incredible weddings that had happy endings for our clients.

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