Madsen's Greenhouse and Banquet Hall

Kevin & Maggy | Madsen's Greenhouse and Banquet Hall

I knew Kevin since first year university, fellow Urban Planners and Ryerson alumni (ryer whattt) lol we were the last minute type of students. We would start an assignment a few days before the due date and then stress the night before realizing how much work we had left. Somehow we pulled off the all-nighters and managed to hand in every assignment. I would see Kevin occasionally at the gym and at Christian clubs then 4 years later.. we graduated! The Kevin I knew was a man of few words, a gym rat and a good Christian boy. (Where's Kevin? I don't know, probably praying In the library).

Day of the wedding, Kevin pulls up and I saw a different guy. He had the biggest smile on his face. He was busting moves on the dance floor, balling his eyes out and making speeches. All the Planners at dinner table 22 agreed that we had never seen him this happy before. I guess love changes a man! Haha

The reception space was at Madsen's Greenhouse and Banquet Hall in Newmarket. A cozy greenhouse surrounded by greenery and high ceilings. A hot summer outdoor wedding, but as the sun began to set, the greenhouse cooled down and the 1000's of miniature lights turned the greenhouse into a magical secret party. And the guests danced around in the twinkly lights all night


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