How Close Should I be with my Photographer?


The last but arguably most important factor when choosing a photographer deals with how you feel when you’re with them.

A consultation is a fantastic time to meet your potential photographer face to face and have an open conversation with them. This is really the time to figure out if you click or if there’s just something that doesn’t jive.

It’s important to really like the photographer you pick because, next to your spouse, they are the person you spend the most time with your wedding
day. They are there for the getting-ready, the ceremony, the family portraits, the bridal portraits, reception, and end of the night. If you don’t like your photographer as a person, there’s a very good chance that your photographs will be tainted by this negative experience.

If you don’t like your photographer, you definitely won’t feel comfortable posing for portraits if you can’t get over how rude, obnoxious, or just annoying your photographer is. If the comments they make or their personality just doesn’t align with you two as people, it’s going to become a major roadblock that inhibits those beautiful and natural photographers we were talking about earlier.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. If I met my photographer outside of wanting to hire them as a vendor, would I genuinely enjoy them as a person?

2. Do I get a weird vibe or still feel in the dark about how this person is going to be acting during my engagement session or wedding day?

3. Has this person already gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable being photographed by them?

You The Best Photography’s approach:

For us, a consultation (and even engagement session) is vital to establishing a foundation with you so that your wedding photos are a breeze. When we began, we photographed weddings without an engagement session and, while they still went great, there was a noticeable difference in how comfortable our couples were with us if we’d photographed them previously. They knew what to expect and felt like they knew us better which translated to better photographs on their wedding day. It’s because of the foundation we built with them—seeking to be very personable in every aspect—that we were able to establish that level of trust that leads to the best photos.

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