Do I Need Unlimited Coverage or will 8 hrs be Enough?


In our experience, the vast majority of photographers (amateur or professionals) will cap their wedding coverage at a specific hour. Typically, the more experienced a photographer is, the more they’ll cut down his standard rate (we’ve seen local professionals offering packages for 8 hours beginning at $4500 CAD). That being said, 10 hours is a pretty standard amount of coverage in the province of Ontario. Most of these photographers have an hourly rate for any additional coverage not originally outlined in the contract.

Fewer photographers will offer unlimited coverage, meaning they don’t count your wedding day by the hour, but rather by whether or not everything has been photographed. If you’re looking within the professional realm, these unlimited coverage photographers tend to come at a premium cost (not to say there aren’t cheaper alternatives, but in our experience this is the case).

Choosing an hourly-package or choosing one that is unlimited is a choice that is dictated by your wedding day. Every couple is unique so what they require is as well.

Some couples, for example, feel a lot of pressure to try to fit their day into X number of hours. And yet for other couples, it’s simple coordination. From here, it’s impossible for us to tell you what you can handle because the choice is entirely up to you.

Take some time (when on the search for a photographer) to examine your wedding day and determine if there’s a ballpark hourly figure you should be searching for in a photographer. You might be shocked to learn it’s higher or lower than you were expecting. Knowing this number will help determine what you need when hiring someone.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Am I able to fit my wedding day into a window of 8, 10, or 12 hours? Is unlimited coverage a must-have or a bonus for me?

2. Do I have enough buffer time built into the day to still get coverage if something is delayed? Will I be overpaying significantly if things go smoothly and are shorter than the predicted time window?

3. Is an hourly cut-off time going to create tons of stress when planning or living out my wedding day?

You The Best Photography’s approach:

Our wedding packages are completely customizable to your needs and range from $1200 - $5000. Engagement sessions start at $399. 49-59% * of couples in North America love engagement sessions because it allows us to become familiar with one another. It also gives us a chance to get a feel of how we will use direction and instruction on the wedding day. Think of the engagement session as less formal practice session, that comes with photos you may use for invitation cards or display on an easel for the big day. Also, ask about our custom wedding books.

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