Do I Need a Second Photographer?


A lot of photographers fly solo on a wedding day. They prefer to be in total control of the storytelling of your day and they don’t enlist additional help in capturing the wedding.

Fewer photographers out there choose to work in pairs. In these instances, the responsibility to capture the day is shared; allowing for more photographs and different angles of key moments. It can also provide a backup in case one of the photographers should, for whatever reason, fail to capture an important event.

Whether you need a second photographer is up to you entirely. Logic would dictate that a single shooter is cheaper than two shooters, but at the end of the day, it will vary all depending on who you’re considering. But beyond the cash flow consideration, the aesthetic differences between a single shooter and a team will always matter. For some couples, that single perspective is all they need in their photos. There are some incredible photographers out there who see a vision and are able to capture it without need for someone else to be there.

Many couples who end up choosing to hire a company of two photographers do so exactly because they like the diversity they get back in their photos. Every photographer has a unique perspective, and having two can mean that they capture it in different ways (which adds character to your photos). Additionally, having a second photographer acts as a sort of insurance should something go wrong with one person. Whether one of the photographers is sick on the wedding day, should become injured, have gear malfunction, or whatever, two photographers, for some couples, can be a safer choice.

NOTE: One distinction we want to make is solo photographers that have the option of an additional second shooter VS photography companies that have 2 photographers as a standard. This can get very confusing but will become noticeable in how the photographer presents themselves on their website/social media. The downfall we often hear of with solo shooters that hire extra help is that the extra help is someone we in the industry would refer to more as an “assistant” than a second shooter. They’re sometimes better equipped to be hauling gear around or setting up lights rather than to be operating a camera and being trusted to capture a part of your day. Photography companies that are built around two photographers, for example, have more of a built-in workflow that will get you more consistent photos when all is said and done.


Questions to ask yourself:

1. Can I put complete trust in one photographer? Or is two the safer option for me?

2. Do I want incredibly detailed coverage or will a more standard approach be enough?

3. Do I have such a full wedding day I need photographers in two places at once?


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